Trimming Nails

Before trimming the nails, clean between your dogs toes with a wet cottenball. Only use specifically designed dog nail clippers to trim your dog. Place one arm around your dog and grab one of his feet. Clip only the small tip of the nail, and avoid cutting into the "quick." This is the pink area seen on dogs with clear nails. If your dog does not have clear nails, be especially careful not to clip to much. It may be necessary to have your vet do this for you. File do wn the rough edges with a nail file.

If your dog resists having its nails trimed, try trimming them while you sit on a sofa with the dog on its back on your lap. By putting the dog on its back, you make the nails accessible and put the dog in a submissive position where they are less apt to fight. As with many things, this is easiest if you start while your dog is still a pup.